DataTable Filter Date Format - Excel Not Filtering Properly

Hi all,
I want to filter a DataTable to show the “Creation Date” column = Today’s Date, so used the following expression, in the filter wizard:

“Creation Date” =“dd/MM/yyyy”)

But, in this example, it should output 1 and the output I’m obtaining is 0.
I tried to manually filter 15/12/2021 in the Excel file, and it shows no matches, even though there is a date=15/12/2021, so I believe this is the problem.

How can I solve this? Please find attached the Excel File:
Excel_LTR_Test.XLSX (13.4 KB)

Thank you in advance,
Tiago Dias

Hello @Tiago_Dias ,

Please visit this link. You can see at least one example of filtering on Date.

I hope this helps.