How can I pass a list as an argument to python function using python script

I want to pass a list as an argument to a python function. I am sending the list as IEnumerable like
then I send that list as an argument, a.AsEnumerable() to a python function. But still there is showing the error, “Invoke Python Method: One or more errors occurred”.

If anybody have any idea regarding this, please reply .

Thanks and Regards,
Subhamay Maity

Hello @Subhamay_Maity

Can you please share the screenshot of the argument set in the invoke Python activity?


Where Arr is a list

can you confirm the list is having the required values? Is the first screenshot that you shared show the value in this list variable?


Actually I am reading a .csv file and loop through each row and each row element saving in add to collection.

So each row you are passing to the python script ryt. Let me check how this can be resolved.

Also are you able to find any other error in UiPath for the Invoke Method activity?


No, I have not faced any other error in UiPath for invoke python activity.