How can i modify in a format of column wise


In the Above i want to get output like a modified manner of contents with respect to column names…can anyone help in this regard?

Can you please elaborate your example of Content with respect to column names?

Prankur Region SubRegion JobNo.
1 MIDWEST OHIO 00735470
2 MIDWEST OHIO 00735464
3 MIDWEST OHIO 00735459
4 MIDWEST OHIO 00735354
5 MIDWEST OHIO 00735349
6 MIDWEST OHIO 00735313

I WANT TO GET THE OUTPUT IN THIS MANEER…First one is the one i got output from “output datatable” but it is unmannered …

Do you want the table in Sorted order?


yes i want in sorted order


See these


NO,I Dont want in sort wise…i want to get output like mannered structure

You just want OHIO under subRegion column?

ok i got clarity,tanq for all of them

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