How can i modify in a format of column wise



In the Above i want to get output like a modified manner of contents with respect to column names…can anyone help in this regard?


Can you please elaborate your example of Content with respect to column names?


#3 Region SubRegion JobNo.
1 MIDWEST OHIO 00735470
2 MIDWEST OHIO 00735464
3 MIDWEST OHIO 00735459
4 MIDWEST OHIO 00735354
5 MIDWEST OHIO 00735349
6 MIDWEST OHIO 00735313

I WANT TO GET THE OUTPUT IN THIS MANEER…First one is the one i got output from “output datatable” but it is unmannered …


Do you want the table in Sorted order?



yes i want in sorted order



See these



NO,I Dont want in sort wise…i want to get output like mannered structure


You just want OHIO under subRegion column?


ok i got clarity,tanq for all of them

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