Datatable sorting


I have a datatable in which I need to change order so the 1st item would be last, 2nd item would be second to last … second to last item would be 2nd and last item would be first.

Is there an easy way how to change order of this kind?


I think you can use Sort datatable.
Specify the column you want to sort in, and then use the descending sort. If there is no column to index, why don’t you add one? And after sorting, I think it would be better to delete the index


Good evening @USUSER1

Does the solution in this post resolve your issue?

If not, this one may also help:

@USUSER1 You Can use Filter Datatable Activity and In the Filter wizard Keep Columns Section, Mention the Column Names in the Order you want it. The resultant Datatable will be in that particular Order

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