How can i modify Datatable in foreach loop? in C#

I’m trying to delete duplicate column in Product and other blank data in Price column and repeat the process but it seems that datable needs to modify constantly but uipath wouldn’t let me is there any other way (111.2 KB)


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sorry about my naivety but i don’t quit understand the linq code can u please kindly share work flow if you don’t mind

Just follow the below step!

newDT = inputDT.DefaultView.ToTable(True,“col1”,“col2”)


this resolve first column but for the second col is to remove null there is no duplicate

Can you show me the data which is available in excel?

for removing the empty rows from a excel you can use filter data table.

column mention column name and operation is is Empty


TestData2.xlsx (8.6 KB)

Hi @Sa_Ge,

RemoveDuplicate_Null.xaml (6.6 KB)
sample input & output:
MouseData.xlsx (9.9 KB)


Hey @Sa_Ge ,

Below XAML will give you filtered data which doesn’t have duplicate and the Null. (14.0 KB)

Let me know if you face any issue


I didn’t notice it could use that way thanks a lot. it helps me greatly.

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Thanks a lot for helping me out I didn’t notice it work that way appreciated it.

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@Sa_Ge , happy to help😌

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