How can i make work multiple projects in same website?

Hi devs.

Hi have 2 .xaml with same actions automated for every purchase item (differente specific url in same website with similar actions programmed) in the same website.
However, when i tried to get this 2 files work, a warning appears telling me but uipath extension can make work just 1 project.
How can i run 2 similar projects at the same time (multiple tabs or windows of the same internet browser)? using 2 different browsers or there are any configuration in uipath extension?

You can’t run two automations on one computer at the same time.

You can only run multiple automations if only one of them uses UI activities. Sounds like both your processes use UI activities.

If i use for one on Chrome and other in Brave, is it possible?

Yes, try to make work 2 automations at the same time but UIPath chrome extension could work just 1 for project i think. I tempted yesterday. Is it possible if i run that in 2 different browser?


It’s not possible as your process needs to interact with Graphical User Interface (GUI). If process doesn’t interact with GUI then we can use run multiple processes at the same time in a single machine.

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Hey Rokrslayer,

It is possible to do browser automations in the background using the webdriver protocol. I am including a link to a youtube video that explains the setup and the Uipath docs on using the webdriver.

Also, make sure in the open browser activity, the Hidden Boolean is set to false. Hope this helps…

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No. There is only one mouse pointer and one keyboard.

Ask yourself if two humans could work on different things on the same computer at the same time.

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Last question.

If a run an automation in one window, and in another window on the other half of my screen I am doing other clicks.
Is the automation completed successfully or in some way, by clicking on my own in another window, I am interrupting the process for the same sentence that told me to only use a single mouse and keyboard?

No. Doesn’t matter how many windows you have. There’s still just one computer, one keyboard, one mouse.

I didn’t tell you to only use one mouse and keyboard. I said there IS only one mouse and keyboard. Two automations can’t both control the mouse and keyboard at the same time, just like two humans can’t.

Ty for your aswer. I’ve just try to probe that and it is true. During process you cannot use that computer.

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