How can I make this inside variable?

I want to add 5,3,2,1 in variable so it will be configurable it only accepts int


Do you mean you need to set {5,3,2,1} to variable? If so, simply try arrInt ={5,3,2,1} using Assign activity then replace it with arrInt in the expression.

If the above is not your intent, can you elaborate your requirement?



this is what you mean right?

my arr_maskedPosition will coming from google sheet so it is on string that’s my issue i can’t find a way to convert strVar=β€œ5,2,1,3” to integer


Can you try the following expression?

arrInt = yourString.Split(","c).Select(Function(s) Int32.Parse(s.Trim)).ToArray
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This solves my issue thank you so much!

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