How can i loop the images using dynamic page numbers

Hi guys,

i have a use case like

I’m working in extracting info from images using get ocr text activity from the image file format is “TIFF”.
Download or check here how my file looks

So now challenge here is one image may contain any number of images
say here 10 images is there inside the tiff

i want to extract all the pages by clicking next button in gallery viewer here i have to click 9 times in this case.
Problem is that this is dynamic for all the images but one thing is in gallery viewer it will show like 1 0f 10 pages like that.
Tell me that how can i loop all the images dynamically.

Help me with some logics and if possible share a workflow also.


Put your extraction flow into a “while” and use the “get attribute” activity on the next button. The attribute you want is aastate, when it has the value focusable it can be clicked so your condiion in the while is that the string extracted from the get attibute = “focusable”.

Use the UiExplorer on the button when a next page is available and when its not to see the difference in properties.