How can i get the values from an excel by range..!?

Hello, i want to get the values from an specific column(Company Name) from an excel file by specifying Range instead of column name in side foreach row activity. Can anyone please help me !?

Hi @mitradev_das

Can u elaborate some more in detail.

As of my understanding are u need the cell address or column range, if yes use the lookup range activity and give the string as (“Company name”) and output will be the cell address. In this case it is B5 and u can remove the number and give the range as B:B

here, i want to get company names one by one inside a for each row, so how to get it ?

Hi @mitradev_das use the lookup range activity and search for company name and it will give Output as B5 and add B(5+3) so it will B8 and pass that variable to read range and it will read from B8 and in for each row activity use currentrow(“0”).tostring and it will give all company names.

ok let me try. Thanks!!

@mitradev_das Please let me know the results

i am passing like outRange(B5)+“3” but i am not getting the value as B8, how to get it ??


use this code

If possible share me the excel file and i will share the solution file

rkrsalp.xlsx (11.1 KB)

Hi @mitradev_das
Try this it will work
Excel.xaml (9.3 KB)

Kindly mark it has solution if it is working fine

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why did you used the filter data table?

@mitradev_das Last row empty cell for Grand Total so iam filter cell should not be empty
see the images for difference

Thanks for your help, it is working when i am running this flow but in my case i need to use this company valu in process state which i will get in Init state. I have modified the code as you have done but i am getting an error called : the column 0 is already exists in data table.

@mitradev_das untick the header option in read range. if we have two same values in dt header then it will throw error

Hi @mitradev_das
Is it working fine now?

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It worked @Aasif. Thank you for your help!!

Always Welcome @mitradev_das :grinning:

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