How can I get text from browser? (웹에서 get text로 글을 읽어오지 못합니다)

I can’t get text from website.

Here’s the overall process.

1, Read range
Read a company name from excell

2, Searching it in web

2번까진 잘됩니다.
3, Get text from website

If there’s no result. Skip to next one.
웹에서 기업명 검색해서 검색결과가 없으면 다음 것으로 넘어가려고 하는데 값을 잘 못 읽어 옵니다.

Here’s the problem. As i uproaded bellow, I think the selector is validate but doesn’t works.

Uploading: 3.png…

As you see, ‘Get text’ activity doens’t works.

Please help me to solve this problem.

Thanks for reading.

Here’s the 3rd picture that shows my Uipath logic.