How Can I get queue items based on the FIFO order

Can anyone help me to get queue items based on the FIFO order. I am getting queue items in a mixed order. But I have to get the transaction items based on FIFO order.

Hi @Sankaraveni_M

Queue item is already processing in FIFO order, May be the item get added in the queue in a mixed order.

Or may be the priority of the queue is different or the deadline of the queue item is different


@Sudharsan_Ka . Queue → Addded transactions order was

  1. Transaction No 5
  2. Transaction No 4
  3. Transaction No 1
  4. Transaction No 2
  5. Transaction No 3

But the retrieved order was

  1. Transaction No 3
  2. Transaction No 2
  3. Transaction No 5
  4. Transaction No 4
  5. Transaction No 1

Within any given queue the transactions are processed in a hierarchical manner, according to this order:

  1. Items that have a Deadline, as follows:
    a. in order of Priority; and
    b. according to the set Deadline for items with the same Priority.
  2. Items with no Deadline, in order of Priority, and
    a. according to the rule First In, First Out for items with the same Priority.

Reference: About Queues and Transactions

But I couldn’t get the solution still finding is there any solution


While adding queue items add them will same proiority and no deadline…

So that the order willbe same


I have added as u mentioned , but i am getting queue items in reversed order


Ao you are saying the last item came first and the first as last?

Ideally thats not the behaviour when i check now as well

Can you show how you are trying to add



My queue order was No 5 which was 1st added, followed by No 4,1,2,3

But the retrived order was 3,2,5,4,1


Can you try using add queue item and then give a delay and then add the next item…and i see the order is not even reverse…its random


Yaaah, It is in random Order.

Okay I will try and get back to you


Now My Queue order was 1 which is 1st transaction item followed by 2,3,4,5

But retrieved order was 5,4,1,2,3

Hi @Sankaraveni_M ,

Could you maybe provide us a Screenshot of the Add Queue Item Activity that you are using along with it’s Properties? Also maybe show us what is the data that you are using to understand the order of the Queue Item.

Also let us know are you using Get Transaction Item Activity to retrieve the Queue item.