How can I fix Error "Identifier Expected"

how shall I change my value to solve the error: Identifier expected.

Assign activity:
mail.sender → [“Lastname Firstname”]

Its variable type MailAddress

Hello @bibalesecret

Please share a screenshot of the activity throwing the error and the error message.

I think the format of the value assigned is wrong. So please share the above details.


I cant upload a screenshot, because of an error.
But I uploaded it to:

Ihope thats okay.

HI @bibalesecret

What you are assigning here actually and tell what you need to assign there?

It seems quite wrong and different


I want to assign an e-mail adress to the variable MailAdressNull with the following value:
[“Lastname Firstname”]

When I looked in the output of my for each activity after the get mail message activity, the value of the variable “sender” had the same format in the above value. So I thought I can assign the same to my variable “MailAdressNull” with type MailAdress :slight_smile:

Does that mean in the assign activity you trying to assign to “MailAdress” the email address?


Yes, exactly

give a try at following:

YourMailVar.Sender = new MailAddress("","Lastname Firstname")

As the DataType of Sender Property is of MailAdress we cannot assign a string due different datatype

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String variable
Var1= “”“Lastname Firstname”“



This worked for me.
Thanks Peter!

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