How can I Filter Column from A12 according to Nov 20,2019


Read the specified range (from A12 to last row) using Read Range Activity.
Use Filter Data Table Activity to filter the rows based on Date Column.

Karthik Byggari

Hi sir, I am pretty new with UIpath. Can you help with a screenshot please.

Regards Bivan

It keeps telling me the table does not exist. How can I know the name of the table


Use read range activity try to give your range as “A12:(your last row)” mention the output in read range.

So you will get the data what yoi want from A12

Then, you can use filter datatable activity pass your input as your read range output and in filter condition you give your column name “Date”= “Nov 20, 2019” mention the output in filter datatable.

Then you can use write range activity and pass the output of filter datatable in write range. Then, you will get your output.

Hope this helps!!!

Aman Sheik.

Hi @Odima_Bivan

Create a variable as datatable and add the same variable in read range property output.

this worked for me. Thank you guys for the tips. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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