How can I click the button with the latest date?

Hello friends,

Please help, I need to click the “Descarga” button but the most recent one in each table of purchases and sales.

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Can you try the following steps?

  1. Read table as DataTable using DataScraping.
  2. Get latest date from the DataTable using For Each Row or LINQ etc.
  3. Set Click activity. Its selector should be used rowName attribute and its value is latest date if it’s html table.


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Hi @_administrador_bi welcome to forum

Try this way

  1. Scrape the table , while.scrapping try to.get the url associated with the buttons which u are clicking,

  2. After that do some operation on datatable and select the url corresponding to latest date

  3. Using the url navaigate to it

Check and let me know if it works


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