Reading and sorting date data from web page

Hi Everyone,

I have a web page that contains dates and an email button:


I need to find the newest date and click to email button next to it. I tried data scraping and then sort the date but i couldn’t manage to. Any ideas how should i proceed on that?


@dcrt Are you able to get the table data from it ? Are all the data clear in that ?

Yes, i can get the date datas cell by cell. But i couldn sort it and also don’t know how to find the button that is next to the latest date

Hi @dcrt

When u click on email button while data scrapping , do u get some url through which u can directly access without clicking email button

No unfortunately, url doesn’t change until after these steps

Hi like can u use anchor base activitiy so that corresponding to that date , u can select the email button


To select the recent date, one way of doing it is as below:

  1. Find the date which you want to click(Newest Date)
  • Using Data Scrapping:
    a) Scrape the data from website
    b) Loop through each row and covert the date column to DateTime and find the newest date
  • Using Indexing:
    in this approach you can skip the data extraction part, you can try looping through each date column in the website with starting index and break it when you don’t get any data, whenever you have a data check whether it’s the newest date or not.
  1. Now you know the date which is the newest, you can click that using click activity with inner text as the date which was found as the newest in the selector by anchoring.

Hope this helps. Happy coding!!!

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.That worked, thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Sudheer_KVR’S solution worked for me. Thank you so much.

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Do I have to clean my website data? I don’t want to lose all the data I have at the moment.

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