How can I add just one row from one dataTable to another datatable?

Hello everyone

I’m trying to get all the data from several tables in several Excel to put them all in one, but of course I do not want to always copy all the headers as they are always the same, so I need to first add the headers on the one hand and then add All the Data…
The problem I find when I add the headers and gives me the following fault:
"Add Data row: This row already belongs to another table. "
I do not understand why I said this because the DataTable where I’m inserting the header is not using it yet. Any help? Thanks for the help.

The error occurs if there are rows with same value in both the datatables.
If you want to copy all the datatable value to one and hold only one header, you can use merge datatable, which takes a source datatable and destination datatable, and merges the source datatable values into destination datatable.
Because your datatables contain duplicate records, you might still face the error you specified. Try using “MissingSchemaAction” property value as AddWithKey in merge datatable activity.