How can I add copy of Pivot table to outlook email body

Hi @GreenTea, @dragos.suma ,

Hope both of you are doing good! Appreciate your help on the below:

I am using StudioX and I need to copy the Pivot table data to the body of outlook email. How do I do that?

Also, how do I remove (blank ) under Row labels in excel.

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Read the data using Read Range, then use the DT to create a HTML table.

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Thanks for your reply @postwick . If possible can you please show how do I do it.


So frankly I don’t know what DT is ( maybe Dark Templar :smiley: ) but you could use read range as @postwick suggested and then use a send mail with body as HTML. In the HTML editor you can map the result of the read range ( the pivot table in your case ) as a HTML table and then send the email. The “(blank)” is a result of how you configured your pivot table

DT is DataTable.

thanks a lot both @postwick and @dragos.suma. While I understood the concept, read range activity and html option are not available in my Studiox. I have tried it by both upgrading and downgrading Excel and Outlook packages from Manage Packages. I’m not sure if I am missing anything. Wondering what would be the other work around on this. Many thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Chinmaya_Dhal

You can try Table Extraction. See video for example steps.

Mkay , than might I ask what StudioX version are you using and what are the package versions ( frankly I should have started with that :smiley:


Hi @dragos.suma, I have Studios 2020.10.4 (licensed version) and Excel Activities v2.10.4 and Mail activities v1.8.6. for Mail activities I have checked for the update d version 1.9.5 as well.

Hmmm … so in your case pretty much you have to use a Word document as an intermediary. What really puzzles me at the moment is that you should be able to see the 1.9.6 and later version of the Mail Package since we pushed it to the official feed.

Anyway … So the idea is that we faced this kind of feedback from our preview program back in the day and we came up with a workaround based on the idea that one ca use a Word document as an intermediary. You create the pivot table in a separate sheet and then you insert the entire sheet in a word document that you use later on as the body of the email .

You will need to work a bit on your word document ( add some placeholders or better yet go through the word package documentation to see the capabilities )


As a follow-up question can you share a picture of your package manager settings ( note some of mine are blurred since I have access to the developer feeds :smiley: and as you can see also working on unreleased versions of StudioX )



Didn’t want to highlight company name here. That’s why blackened it. Hope you don’t mind. Will try the solution with word activity you suggested and let you know. You have been a saviour all these while. :slight_smile:

Hi @dragos.suma,

I tried this and it’s working but unfortunately this is not what I am looking for. The values inside the data table keep on changing along with the number of rows and column. Also the format of the data table that gets added to the email isn’t consistent. Once I am up for work, Will share my code along with the result.

Is it possible to capture a screenshot of the pivot area and add it on the second line of the email body? Any which ways, I am adding an attachment of the file. Appreciate your help :slightly_smiling_face: