How can get the Column values using Data Scrape Web page DT Column without idx tag

I Extract the Webpage Data Table Column by using Data Scrape

Its Extracting perfect

But In some Case in the future include the extract one column in the DT

That the time its gave a error so that without using idx tag we can get the “Station” Column Values

Is that any ways for geting the Column Values without the idx tag?

HI @Rajiduraikannu_Santhosh_G ,

You can extract the whole datatable every time you want post retrieving you can only take the column in the same DT which is required.

Example - DT1 is your extracted DT then in a assign you can write something like
DT1 = dT1.DefaultView.ToTable(False, “Column Name”) this will give you only the required column in DT1.


Hi @Shikhar_Tandon ,

Thnk u so much for ur quick rply

I Try this method Its working perfect :star_struck: :+1:t4:

And I have a another error in the wrkflow

In the Wrkflw I checking the Filter are wrk correctly
So that, In the verify activity DT=ExpectDT
{ExpectdDt using the where method Get the Station values and filter the DT and check the Values are correct}

Before I Scrape only the “Station” column its Crtly wrking

This is the ExpectDT It gave the Filter value But its shows the whole Table

So Its gave a false

Can u plz gave suggestion for this also I just wnt the Station Column Values in the ExpectdDT Datatable

Is it possible?

Hi @Rajiduraikannu_Santhosh_G ,

Can you explain the other issue again a bit clearly I am not getting the exact problem.


Hi @Shikhar_Tandon ,

In the Assign activity ExpctdDT I filter the DT using the StrRangeList Values

Its filter the DataTable But its show the whole DT

I want only the Station in ExpectdDT because of that only I verify the DT=ExpectdDT

You can use filterdatatable activity instead of the Query.


ExpctdDT Filter wrks crt

I Extract the Whole DT So that its Filter and Shown the All column

But i want only the Station Column

I that any possible?

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