How attach and email a file to specific users


I need some help to perform the following actions, hope I could get any advice:

I have automation that reads a file from an input data folder and create new files for each of the user in the file in an output data folder, that part is working well.

Then I have to write an email to each of the user and attached the created file that corresponds to the user, this is where i have the issue.

The automation is working well, just that sends the attachment to all user, and I need to send attachment 1 to user 1 and so on.

Any advice, thanks in advanced.

Please find below my sample autmation.
Project (12.3 KB)


Hi @Andres_garcia,
I have this scenario .But i have used the SMTP.



Hi @balupad14,

Does this select the specific attachment to the correct user?
My project, sends individual to each user with their information, I want to attach the corresponding attachment to the user, without the need of the select the correct attach.



Hi @Andres_garcia,
Yes. you can. Here I have attached the sample with some correction which your sample. the xml file is “ExcelSamplecorrection”.

if you comment the “Send SMTP Mail Message” activity. It will run without sending mail. uncomment the “Send SMTP Mail Message” and configure the smtp mail . you can run the complete project.

help :

file : Project (15.3 KB)

Note :
I have added new column called “EmailId” to send the email to each person.


Create CSV File

HI @balupad14 ,

You nailed it, thanks a lot for your help.

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Hi @balupad14,

I have a question, say for example an user within the file has more than one line, will this write two separate files for the user or just on with all lines?