Split excel database in multiple files based on a column info and send them by individual emails

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Please help me find a solution for the next issue: I have a database (uploaded to the topic) in excel with different cases for specific people. I want to send each people a unique attachment that contains only row information where their email address is specified. This is possible?
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Sample 1,2,3.xlsx (10.4 KB)

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Hi @paul.baltag
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i am not cleared with your requirement

like how u need to send attachment ?

Hi Nived,

The attachment I what to be sent is an individual excel file that will contain only the row information from each column where their email address is mentioned.

Example from the excel uploaded: for email1@mail.com will be sent by mail an excel with info from row 2 and 4 info.

I hope i clarified what I want to do.

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Hi @paul.baltag !
Here is attached a suggestion for your workflow: i use a list of string to stock the email address to not filter several times the same email address, then i write range into a new excel file, then i use a mail activity to send the result (click on attach files to see how to attach a file). But for send smtp you need to provide a hostname, mail address and password.

You could change send smtp into send outlook mail message
Let me know if you don’t understand something ! :smile:Sequence.xaml (11.5 KB)

Thank you very much, it’s working :hugs:

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Great, you’re welcome !
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