Host identity changes from when I submit to when it runs as unattended

I have created an Orchestration Process for a Document understanding workflow. I also created a dispatch process and a process to create an import template. The dispatch and import processes work without issue. However, when I run the extraction process via a trigger of any sort, manual or queue based trigger, even though I select the account, machine, and host name, it changes to a completely different host identity once the process starts running. This means the robot cannot access the onedrive account it needs to access as the file path is based on the host identity. I should also mention that when run through the assistant, there is no issue it runs with the correct host identity.

I have to imagine that this has something to do with it being an orchestration based process, but I have run several of those through an on prem orchestrator and never had issues with the host identity changing. Any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated. TIA!

Attached are the screen shots from when I start it and once it starts running.

I did figure out that when I changed the process to foreground that the process host name was correct, so that is what I have done, however, this still begs the question why does a background process change the host identity.