Hide formula without protecting the sheet

I have a formula in the column C
If formula doesn’t statisfy I want free text to be entered
But when I try to enter anything in C2 it is highlighting the formula
I want free text to be entered

Hi @Demo_User

Try this:

  1. Read range to read excel sheet to dtExcelData

  2. For Each row In dtExcelData

  3. use an “Assign” activity to set the formula in column C

    row("C") = "=IF(B" + (dtExcelData.Rows.IndexOf(row) + 2).ToString() + "=""Success"", A" + (dtExcelData.Rows.IndexOf(row) + 2).ToString() + ", """")"

  4. use the “Write Range” activity and write the entire modified DataTable back to the Excel file.

Hope it helps.

Hello @Demo_User
Try this,

  1. Use ReadRange activity and store data in DT variable
  2. Use For each row in data table activity and pass the DT
    2.1 In which place the IF condition with

2.2 Use assign activity, Then–> CurrentRow(“C”)=CurrentRow(“A”).ToString.Trim
2.3 Use assign activity, Else–> CurrentRow(“C”)=“”