Hidden text URL extraction from web text

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Can we extract hidden URL from any text from website? Please guide me through the solution.

Hey @Ram_Shiva_Reddy

Have you tried “Get Attribute” for attribute “url”, check if it is able to extractURL.

Yes I have tried with “Get Attribute” but it didn’t worked. Is there any other possible method?


Generally y
Ur is linked to href property …try with that…

Also to know exactly which property has url…open ui explorer and then indicate the element which has url …then from the left bottom menu…check the property name which has the url and use that in get attribute

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Extracting hidden URLs from a website’s text can sometimes be difficult, as they may not be directly visible on the page. However, you can try the following steps:

  1. View the source code of the webpage by right-clicking on the page and selecting “View Page Source” or “View Source”.
  2. Search the source code for patterns that may indicate a URL, such as “http://” or “https://”.
  3. Look for instances of the “a” HTML tag, as this is often used to create links on a webpage. The URL that the link points to is usually stored in the “href” attribute of the tag.
  4. Use a tool such as a web scraper or regular expressions to extract the URLs from the source code, if necessary.

In UiPath:

  1. Use the “Open Browser” activity to navigate to the website you want to extract the hidden URLs from.
  2. Use the “Get Text” activity to extract the text from the page.
  3. Use the “String Manipulation” activities such as “Find Text Position” and “Substring” to extract the URLs from the text.
  4. Use the “Open URL” activity to open the extracted URL, if desired.

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