Hi to add zero before a number?

Hi Uipath,

I need help about my problem.

let say I have the following data below:


as you can see the last row is Admin-RFP-2021-12-005.

what I am doing is saving it in a datatable and get the row number by using datatable.rows.count.tostring.

its only returning 6. what I want is to make it 006, 007, 008, and after reaching 10 it should become 010.

is it possible?


Try right(“000” + YourDT.rows.count.tostring, 3)


Try below expression.

   datatable.Rows.Count.Tostring.PadLeft(3, "0"c)


I got an error using it

Hi @aapostol
I hope this will be helpful to You…


Input is 1…
Ouput is 001…



Can you please hover on that blue exclamation mark and show us the exact error. So that I can help you to resolve the issue.

I got this in the blue exclamation mark




You don’t need space after “0”

Thanks! it worked!

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