Hi i have an xml document which has special character "&". When am trying to deserialize xml it is throwing an error wherever the & is present

I want to replace thewhole xml file where it has the &.Your kind help is appreciated

Kindly try with Replace method like this
use READ TEXT FILE actiivty and get the output with a variable of type stroutput
now use a ASSIGN ACTIVITY and mention like this
stroutput = stroutput.ToString.Replace(“&”,“”)

then again use WRITE TEXT FILE activity to write that back to text file

Cheers @Hema_Tangellapalli


Hi @Palaniyappan,

It is replacing successfully wherever the & is, but it is still showing as error when trying to deserialize. the XML. it is showing an error occured while parsing entity name and the line position which it got replaced

@Palaniyappan is there any way to save the file once after we replace the & within the XML

@Hema_Tangellapalli try this way

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