Hi Guys, please find the below attached pic and advise how to split 1 data column into 2 columns

Hi Want to split quantity and item name as different columns.

considering comma is the separator between your values

Add two New Column “quanitity” , “item”
For Each Row (in loop)
variable_1 = currentrow.item(“yourcolumnname”)
var_quanitity =Split(variable_1,“,”)(0)
var_item_name =Split(variable_1,“,”)(1)

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Hi Kumar,

Please find below error and let me know


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share some sample data in excel

Hi Kumar,

I’m unable to share the


Hi Nani,

Noted let me look into it.

You can try this! @sai_krishna6

1.Read the excel using read range.

2.Take one build data table and Mention your columns like this 1.Hotel Name 2.Order ID 3.Quantity 4.Items

3.Take one for each row in dt and take 3 Assign activity

Quantity=CurrentRow(“Quantity & Item name”).ToString



Take one add data row in array of row mention like this {CurrentRow(“hotel name”).toString,CurrentRow(“Order ID”).ToString,Quantity,Item}

I hope this will works for you! if need any assistance please get back to me


Hi nani,

Thanks for sharing, and we are working on it.

Hi Nani,

I’m facing below error, attached screenshot FYI and sry for asking for small errors as i’m a new joined as a trainee.
WhatsApp Image 2022-01-10 at 23.09.02


Change the input file path and also check the column names based on your requirement

Here You go:

Files.zip (49.3 KB)


Hi Nani,

How can i get in touch with u instead of this so that i can share my screen to you