Hi guys I need to read the radio button from the excel I am expecting that it should give true if the radio button checked or else false

Excel related

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  1. For getting the text of radio button we can try with either Read cell activity if the radio button is in a single cell or use SCREEN SCRAPPING method to get the text

  2. To check whether it is enabled or not
    -use a start process activity and pass the filepath of the excel as input to filepath property
    -this will open the excel up front
    -then use a ELEMENT EXISTS or IMAGE EXISTS activity to indicate that radio button being enabled
    Which will give us true or false on whether it is enabled or not

Check this thread for more details

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Am getting the true value for both the checked and unchecked

This is my excel can any one help please

If you are opening the excel and performing UI Automation then you can right click on the radio button, go to properties and fetch the data from there

I’ve tried couple of ways, this gives, maximum accuracy if excel is opened already

Directly in excel radio button?

Yes, only IF your excel is open on the screen.

If you are having the excel file opened via robot and then start extracting, then you can use the property panel by right clicking on the radio button. Peppery panel will have the data you need to be fetched easily

If it possible to share the file or a sample?

Since it’s project file I can share