Hi all facing the below error someone please assist on this

Hi all,

Please look into below screenshot and advice the error.

Hi @sai_krishna6

In Write Range Activity

You should give Data Table value

You should not pass the string variable there

Final is the string variable

Try to Pass the Item in Write range Instead of Final


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Hi @sai_krishna6 ,

Is the variable FINAL of type DataTable?
You can only write datatables to excel, so could you cross check?

Could you try directly passing item into the Write Range Activity?

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Ashwin A.K

Hi @sai_krishna6

Just pass that item thing to write range

Thts it


as mentioned by others item has to get passed to the write range

ensure following: TypeArgument of the for each has to be set to: DataTable

Kindly note:

  • the hard coded Sheetname “Sheet6” will lead to overwriting the data for all tables and after processing only data from last datatable will be present in the excel

maybe you will dynamize it by using an loop counter additional to the sheet name or using the tablename if it is set

Hi Gokul, tq for your assistance and i got solution.

Hi Nikhil,

Tq for your assistance, what u mentioned is crct.

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Kindly close the topic so it will be beneficial for other forum members

Thanks @sai_krishna6

Happy automation

Hi All,

Tq for your suggestion,

I’m able to extract data of 2 pdf files but data is storing in excel for only 1 pdf data, how to get 2 pdf data

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