Help with http Request Post (formdata)

I just did. Still not working.


Let me know did you use JSON Input Parameter like this “{”“parentID”": ““FEF98F4245FABCCFB2DA03FDFC254717B94CC7FC3C29"”}”

and remote your headers “multipart/form-data” and try.

I just tried but i got Authorization Required output.


I gave you the valid OAuth2 token. Just verified that that token still works in postman just now. I still see that no file uploads. That’s how I’ve been checking to see if it works or not.


I have checked in the postman also with your supported pdf file. but it’s not supporting that pdf file.

AgilitteDemo.postman_collection.json (4.2 KB)

Just uploaded the postman collection that works.

This is where you select the pdf.

I responded with messages. I replied to myself and not you. Sorry. I uploaded the collection for postman that works.


Did you get a solution for the same scenario using in Uipath to upload an attachment (image).


Hi @kyqurikan

is there any idea on how to pass form-data values in http request activity ?

No solution yet?