Help to resolve "the data you want to write...has wrong format" error for Write Cell Activity

Hi, I am trying to get my RPA to write a formula into the cell of an excel file, this is the formula which works when typed into excel:

=IF(G3=“”, “Pending PR Receipt”, IF(I3=“”, “Already “&(C$1-G3)&” days since PR receipt”, “tender published in “&(I3-G3)&” days”))

And in order to make it work into my write cell activity I have re-typed it (replacing double inverted commas with single ones to make it palatable for UiPath):

“=IF(G3=‘’, ‘Pending PR Receipt’, IF(I3=‘’, ‘Already ‘&(C$1-G3)&’ days since PR receipt’, ‘tender published in ‘&(I3-G3)&’ days’))”

However when I run the workflow, I get this error:

So how should I re-type the input to make it work?

This is what I am trying to achieve (I wrote this in the cell myself; now i need the robot to do it)

HI @Chaaza

Use this in the write cell and check again

"=IF(G3="""", ""Pending PR Receipt"", IF(I3="""", ""Already ""&(C$1-G3)&"" days since PR receipt"", ""tender published in ""&(I3-G3)&"" days""))"