Help Required in For Each Row & If Activity

Hi , i want to read few rows of data’s from a cell and do the summation of the similar group of data in the same sheet using for each row & if activity. I’m not sure of the ‘if’ activity condition that i need to use for summation of similar group of data’s.

First assign all unique value which is in group column then
Put if condition then separate rows based On each unique value.


Hi @srigiriraj_v,

Read entire data in data table “dataTable” after that build new group table “groupTable” according to group column condition.

  1. write first row same from dataTable to groupTable.
  2. now take second row first column data from dataTable and match it with first row first column data from groupTable if matches then add second row from dataTable to groupTable as second row else skip it.
  3. do it like this for the the rows in dataTable.
    Finally you will have grouped data.

Hi @lokendra , thanks for the support. You mean “dataTable” as in a activity? Under this should i select For Each Row to read the entire data ?
Sorry, i’m very new to UiPath.