Help required for creating Pivot table

Hi everyone,
I have about 1 million records of data in a tab delimited file with headers. I have to import that data into an excel sheet, delete some rows based on certain values (About 20,000 rows will be deleted off) and add a new calculated column. I am getting errors when loading it into a data table.
After preparing this data, I want to create Pivot tables and Filter data within the Pivot Table. What are the options to create Pivot table?
Thank you in advance!

Hi @Jane_MK

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Can you please help us to know what is the error are you getting.


hi @Jane_MK

kindly let us know what error you are getting by attaching screenshot of error image

also refer this link



Thank you Nikhil.
I need to create pivot table based on the filtering condition with value TRUE only(not able to define that TRUE value) and other rows, columns and values(amount).


Hello @Jane_MK

Can you try filtering the datatable first and then do the pivot creation.

You can use filter activity & then create pivot