Creating a Pivot Table

Hi guys,

I’m using ‘Create Pivot Table’ activity over a table in excel with more than 400000 registers, but I’m having this error:

Create Pivot Table: A field in your source data has more unique items than can be used in a PivotTable report. Microsoft Excel may not be able to create the report, or may create the report without the data from this field.

Has anyone a clue to solve this?


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Are you able to create it manually?
Mif so can you try to create pivot with a lesser dataset first and then use change data source activity and check


Hi @Johana_Milena_Puerta_Urib

If there are fields in your source data that are not required for your analysis, consider removing them from the PivotTable. By reducing the number of fields, you may be able to stay within the limits of Excel.

If the field with a large number of unique items contains numerical or date values, you can try grouping them into categories or ranges. For example, if you have a field with individual dates, you can group them by month or quarter. This can help reduce the number of unique items in the field and allow you to create the PivotTable.

If the field with a large number of unique items is not essential for your analysis, you can consider filtering it out from the source data before creating the PivotTable. This can help reduce the overall size of the data and avoid the limitation.


Firstly, You can create pivot table with smaller range (max 75000 rows) using 'create pivot table activity with limited columns so that you will get a pivot table. After that , you will use change data source pivot activity to change the source of pivot table. Here you can give actual range like A1:C400000. Post completing this activity , you will use refresh pivot table activity to refresh the table. It is working fine. I have tested with 120000 rows data which has many unique items.