HELP - Not able to loop through child elements

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I am new to fourm, can anyone please help me to solve this automation case?

This is the Shopify Dashboard, from which I am trying to highlight and loop through each element. I have selected variable type System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable <Uipath.Core.UiElement> for the Find children activity and for the For each loop I have chosen the type argument as below:

Screenshot (51)

As of now, I have commented out the for each loop and tested with write line findChildren.Count.ToString

The output it shows is 50, I.e., correct as there are 50 items in order list in Shopify, I have chosen inner best html class containing the elements, selectors seem right too, but I am not sure if I have chosen the right type argument, because whole browser is getting highlight and not element when I run the workflow.

Finally below is the whole workflow:

Looking forward for help.

Thank you.

Am not use this but using this web site i did project
ipl Team 2021 point table - Google Search;

Hear I did as per your request

Use table row from the selector keep on increase using loop


You will get the op
Main.xaml (7.9 KB)

Chethan P

Thank you very much @copy_writes Let me see if I can apply the same on my workflow.

show me your selector 1st row and second row of the table

@copy_writes Thanks buddy got it working now, table row was the selector I was supposed to use, appreciate your help.

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You welcome buddy if have any doughty feel free and ask me I always ready to help you

Happy automation
Chethan P

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