How to select/loop dynamic Elements

Hello everybody,

I am currently trying to download data of used cars and store it in a csv file.
I can’t simply use the data scraper, because many important infos are only available if you click on the respective car and not on the overview site.
Therefore I have to loop through all of the cars on the overview site (click on them, get infos and then get back). However I could not manage to find any solution for this after trying for hours.
I could not find any ID’s with ongoing numeric values or anything similar.
I would be very grateful if somebody could help me.

The site I want to extract the infos from is:

Thank you very much

Hi @UipathNewbie,

  • Use Find Children Activity to the all the element.
  • Use For Loop to loop through the all the elements.
  • inside the loop using click activity click the elements.
  • it will navigate to detail information and using screen scarping/Extract Structured data extract all the information’s and click button.
  • Loop will continue.

For Example Find Children

Filter-> "<webctrl tag='DIV' class='cldt-summary-full-item' parentclass='cl-list-element cl-list-element-gap' parentid='classifiedsContent' />"

Selector->"<html title='Gebrauchtwagen Angebote bei AutoScout24' /><webctrl id='list' tag='BODY' />"

Output-> iEnumerable this one need to loop through it

Refer below xaml.

ExtractData.xaml (13.6 KB)



Hello @arivu96,

thank you very much for your help.

I have incorporated your suggestions, however it seems that I always get an error if I get to the 2. element “The Ui element is no longer valid”.
After the robots finds the 1. element, I let him click on it and then click on the back button to get to the overview site again, this seems somehow to cause trouble.
If I just highlight all elements on the overview site without any clicking it works just fine.
Unfortunately I can’t upload my robot since I am a new user.

Additionaly I would like to know, why you set the “find children” “scope option” to “find_descendants” and not “find_children”. What is the difference here?

Hi @UipathNewbie,

Please refer the below xaml file, i just opened the website and clicked each of product and go inside and press back button to go to next product.

ExtractData.xaml (13.6 KB)



Hai arivu i was following your steps i have a data table in which there would be one column if we click that column the column would become drop down so i was using the method as you shown in the example file but if the table has 10 rows it was performing action on only 3 rows and then coming out of the loop can you please help me

@arivu96 can you please help me