Help Mircosoft Office 365 - send Email acivity gives general exception

I have setup my scope and Email actvivty inisde id however it doesnot go and send an email to my client

authentication type is set → application id and secret

properties provided:
application id->
application_secret secure string
tenanant Id

but it still wont allow me to send emails

can someone guide me?

Cross reference:

We can also do:

  • configure manually / hardcoded
  • repair the scope as described within the FirstAid (other topic, linked)
  • shift to scope asset as desribed within the docu (other topic, linked)

Hi @ppr

would you mind sharing the link here , because there i am not able to see a link or scope configuration.

sure have a look below

Hi @samantha_shah

To use Office 365 activities in UiPath, you need to have Office 365 configured on the system where UiPath is running. This typically involves having Outlook installed and configured with an Office 365 account.

If Office 365 is not configured on the system, you may need to use other email activities provided by UiPath, such as SMTP activities, which allow you to send emails through a configured SMTP server without relying on specific email clients like Outlook.

Hi @Krishnakanth_Mathi

yes i have all installed , cofigured

i am using application id and secret to connect but still wont allow

Hi @samantha_shah

Can you check once by passing username and password in the properties pannnel.