Help me wioth this securestring error

Error I am getting is cannopt convert type object to secure string

Please see How to use Type Secure Text - #4 by aksh1yadav
SecureString secure_str = new NetworkCredential(String.Empty, yourstring).SecurePassword;

in_Config is a dictionary and all the key/value pairs are string and objects.
So you must convert the value to the desired type before using in the activities.

In your case, you are entering the password, so the input type should be secure string.
Create one variable strPassword of data type SecureString and use the expression given by @RobertD

Assign Activity, strPassword = New NetworkCredential(String.Empty, in_Config("Citrix_userName").ToString).SecurePassword

Pass this strPassword as input to the Type into activity for Password field.

Karthik Byggari

I should pass this strpasswod to type secure text or type into?

its still printing instead of value

Hi @Gaurav07

Try This

new NetworkCredential("", io_Config("Citrix_userName").toString).SecurePassword

and the resulting value should be entered into type into or type secure text


Please use type secure text

its still printing the data type as and not the value

Hi @Gaurav07

This one is working for me
Try to replace “Anoop” with your variable as string format.

new System.Net.NetworkCredential("", "Anoop").SecurePassword 

Could you please check your input string is not empty ?