Help me to solve the problem

hi all ,
i want the dropdown name fetched automatically without selecting dropdown using for each or else if condition is this possible

Hi @Shubham_Bidwai
Select item activity can be used to select the value from the dropdown

after that
i would like to select one by one each name in dropdown

From where do these names come? From a different row in the data table or in the same row?
In this case, you could use select multiple items activity

any suggestion or solution after screen shot

from web application

You could save those names in array of strings and pass the array in the multiple items property in the select multiple item activity

in dropdown name can not copy paste

It is possible to retrieve the name of a dropdown menu in UiPath without manually selecting an option from the dropdown. One way to do this is to use the GetAttribute activity to retrieve the name attribute of the dropdown element.
You can use a For Each loop or an If condition to iterate over multiple dropdown elements and retrieve their names. For example, you could use a For Each loop to iterate over a list of dropdown elements and retrieve the name of each element.

Keep in mind that you will need to specify the selector for the dropdown element in the GetAttribute activity to target the correct element. You may also need to use additional activities, such as the Find Element activity, to locate the dropdown element on the page.

thanks i will try the procedure

hi can you help me with one more problem

i want to add variable in my table which is in send gmail activity i create one table and i want to add the variable value in it