HELP - Iterating through a list on Chrome


I have my bot to a point where it is looking at a list similar to the photo below, in Google Chrome. For reference, I am looking at a list of Google Calendar events.

What I would like my bot to do is click on sample 1, edit the properties of that calendar event, save changes, and then perform the same process with sample 2, sample 3, etc.

I can get he bot to do what I want on sample 1, but I’m stuck in trying to direct it to sample 2 once sample 1 is complete.

Do any of you (smarter people) have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!!!

What is the selector you used for Clicking Sample 1?

I think my question is about how I should structure my workflow. It’s currently built as a sequence, and I’m wondering how I can incorporate a looping activity to continue to iterate through the list and how I would configure that tool.

Alternatively, I’m wondering if you’d suggest a flowchart build.

The number of items listed (i.e. sample 1, sample 2, sample 3) will vary depending on the user.

But to answer your question, I’m using hotkeys to tab from the search bar to the first sample 1 event, then click tab and enter to open the properties of that event for edit. Once edits are made, I’m using CTRL+S to save changes. I am wondering how I tell it to click sample 2 next.