Help! Check if a folder contains Excel

Hi developers!

I’m beginner of the uipath and I have encountered the following question;
I want check if a folder contains Excel file, which is .xlsx, .xls or .csv format, and then save those Excels to another folder. How can I do it? how to exclude those pdf or word but to keep the excel file.

Pls give me some ideas. Many thx

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you can loop through the folder and get only extensions, and use conidtion to move the file to another folder!

hi @mason_wong,

Below is a custom activity to separate Data as per extensions.


hi mukeshkala,

Appreciate your sharing. But i failed to open the download package> Do you know why?

hi @mason_wong,

You would have to import the package from Studio.

Post that you will get the same in activities



Thx mukeshkala,

Yes, it works. but any possible that I can read the detail steps you have built to handle the files?

hi Samir,

Looking forward to your sharing (23.2 KB)

Attached is the Source Code.


Well received. Thx mukeshkala