In Deserialize JSON not accepting JSON Object Variable as output

Any one facing this problem … For uipath.Webactivities version 1.4 . Unable to save the output in newtonsoft.jSON.LINQ.jobject.

may I know the error you were facing
Is this Newtonsoft.Json namespace imported in your IMPORT option in your studio

Cheers @Vijay_RPA

Yes for new Project … For Lower Versions like it is fine i think so

@Palaniyappan any solution for this?

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I thought you got it resolved buddy on seeing your last comment
Fine no problem
Can I have the screen shot of the error we are getting
Cheers @Vijay_RPA

@Palaniyappan I am attaching screeshort here .please have a look

Press ctrl+ k and then enter the variable name so that it would create the variable of appropriate type
Did we try that buddy

Yes tried … it is creating object only For new activity version … I think issue with type argument … just changed into Jobject … It is working now :slight_smile: … In this Version 1.4 Property of type argument is appearing as Object instead of Jobject … Have to check with UIpath Team … :slight_smile:


Yah Type argument must be appropriate type

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