HELP! Alignment ruin when saving Excel as pdf

Hi, I have a test case to export an excel file to pdf format file. However, the alignment of pdf will be ruin after save it. I attached the format of excel file for assistance.

template1.xlsx (346.8 KB)


Can you elaborate your issue?

In my environment, it seems no problem. (with a little page layout modification.)


Hello @mizudinhamid

Hope you are using the Excel to pdf activity.


HI @Yoichi when i export it, it become like this

Can you share the method you do to achieve that?


It’s worksheet settings matter.
Can you try to set 1 page at Width in Scale to Fit - PageLayout, as the following, in advance?


Hi @Yoichi

This page layout cannot be set in advance due to the excel is generated by the system. But your method to change the page layout is working. Thanks! Next question is how to achieve it by using UiPath? I assume the method is to open the excel and indicate to the page layout selectors and finally save it to pdf format?


The following might not be very good approach, but will work.

It might be better to set WindowMessage as InputMethod than hardware.


Thanks yoichi

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