Help AI integration - Machine Learning

Hi RPA-Guys,

I have already developed a few small workflows to get my PC life easier.

Now I came to the Idea to use Machine Learning to filter Serverlogs. It should work as the following:
The user can mark a line critical or ok. The Robot should remember this in relation to a reason which the User also gives. For better understanding I have a small example,
I am looking into the server log because a file has been deleted involuntarily. Now the robot should filter every log entry which isn’t related to file handling. So that the logfile I have to work through isn’t as long any more.

I hope you can all get what I am trying to implement.

If there are any questions just feel free to ask. I am happy about every help I can get.


uipath doesn’t not directly offer a machine learning solution, but since your problem is rule based, you could use that to your advantages…