Hello! Everyone I want to pass input as some name in between web url which i have shared in the below screenshot

Just i have to give another input in place of graduate to write everytime in url. I can be able to give what ever the input i need.

Thanks a lot.
Happy Automation. :grinning:


Thanks, Every time i will be giving different inputs.

Thanks a lot.

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yes it will work!

Can you please share sample process on this. I am unable to understand.

Thanks a lot.

Hii Pradeep,
Actually i need to pass different names inside the url. How to create dynamic to that.

Thanks a lot,

like every time you will be giving??


you can use Input Dialog activty and get output variable and pass it like the above expression

Like this also i did but it is not taking string variable which is created in input dialog activity.

Thanks a lot