How to pass the variable inside the URL

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Hi @chaithanya_kumar_M !
Would you mind using a breakpoint to see what happens between the messagebox and the url ?
Would you mind checking if you did not create twice output string as a variable and as an argument ?
Would you mind checking if the scope of the output string is at the maximum ?

Hi @Hiba_B

Thanks for the solution and helping for debugging


Hi @chaithanya_kumar_M !
You’re welcome, did one of the options work for you ? If yes, which one ?

Hi @Hiba_B

Initially checked for duplication of variable and then i checked scope everything seems to perfect but from breakpoint i noticed the data is not sending then i just changed my logic instead of storing in variable and pass the value i just pass in the URL out of the if condition that worked out for me.


That’s great !! Then don’t forget to mark your own comment as the solution so people facing a similar issue find how to solve it :smile:

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Okay @Hiba_B thanks for your help!!

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