Headless chrome slower than UiPath?

I am doing some testing because I had interest in running all of my web based automations headless. I created a simple automation that does the following for both headless and regular chrome browsers.

  1. Starts a stopwatch
  2. navigates to google
  3. Googles “orange cat” (The images of cats is disturbing… thanks Hollywood)
  4. Reads first 4,000 results and logs them
  5. Stops timer and displays run time

Headless took 2min 15 seconds while UiPath standard takes 1min 14 seconds on my system.

Other than no ui to be interrupted, what advantage is there running with the webdriver?

Pro: No Ui Interference

CON: Takes longer, limited interactions, keeping up with exe for each version release of browser.

Feel free to correct me if I am missing something here.

Sequence file: HeadlessBrowserExample.xaml (23.6 KB)

If you want this to work you need to find the Path system variable and download the chrome webdriver for your build and place it in the path directory.

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