Having an issue with looping through all the records

I have a 4 sequence that runs each part of primary, primary, address and date, the process runs in each with a “break” and I wanted it to return to the 1st sequence Primary PID Primary NPI to run the next PIN # in the excel DB, but it only runs one sequence so I must have this set up wrong?

You don’t have a loop.

Sorry A Loop? do you mean a loop that encompasses the 4 sequences?


Yes, all the 4 sequences should be inside loop. If input data is DataTable then use For Each Row activity and keep all 4 sequences inside of it.

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Yes. You said " [Having an issue with looping through all the records" but you don’t actually have a loop set up.

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There are various ways to loop in UiPath btw. Which one you should use depends on your goals/needs. Do While, While, For Each, For Each Row, Flowchart…

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I have applied a for each, the strange thing about that is it goes back but ignores the input the next PIN in the row and jumps to the click the link under "payer contracts which is privilege’s

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