Handling exception - Catch Exceptions from Workflow A and send mail without going to Workflow B

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Currently, I am working on the RE Framework.
As you might know there are multiple states (Init, Get data, process data and end process.).
I am having couple of workflows in the get data:- (Lets say workflow A and workflow B).

Workflow A - Login into the webpage
Workflow B - fill in the details into the fields.

Now, in Workflow A I want to catch the exception (login attempts failed) and send the mail to client.
I am aware that I can make use of try catch block and catch the login failure to send.

Also, I want to make sure that since the login failed, I dont want to execute the Workflow B.

Please help me into this.

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Create a boolean variable exceptionStatus in the Main.XAML
Pass it as IN/OUT argument to the workflow A. In the Catch block of WorkFlow A, set the value to True.

In the Get Data, Check for the condition if value is true or false.

I don’t understand how this is working. I request you to create a simple flow demostrating it in the RE Framework. I am really finding it difficult.

Hi @hacky
You should have both your Workflows surrounded by the same Try/Catch, then in your Login workflow make sure you catch invalid login and throw it as BusinessRuleException. Then, you can use BusinessRuleException alongside regular Exception in the Catch in your Get Data state. Therefore, you can increment a login counter and send mail or anything else you want to do.

This idea would look something like this:

EDIT: initially I said in your Init state, but I mean in the Get Data state

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