Exception handling-System/Business Exception

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I have scenario where in the re framework i removed the get transaction data state(not using queue).once init is success it will go to process state.
In process.xaml file i have 4 workflows each workflow has try catch enabled in it.

So while execution when the process failed in any workflow i have to get out of the workflow dont execute other workflow and directly go to end process state.Can you please suggest how to use exception handling here.

Jitender Nara


In process state if you have got any error then two things will happen generally

  1. If the error is System Exception, then it will start from the Initilization state

  2. If the error is a Business Exception, then It will go to the transaction state

So this is the general thing happen, but as per your requirement, You have to make Try catch to every workflow in the process state

So that even the error hit in Workflow 1 then it will go to Workflow 2

So make Try Catch for Each workflow you have in Process

Hope this help you


Hi @Srini84 yes i have try catch for every workflow in process state.Lets take in workflow 2 i got system exception then the process should go to end state with moving to workflow 3.
How can i do it?


You mean If you get Exception in Workflow 2 then it should go to the endstate without moving to workflow 3?

Then you should not keep those into try Catch, just put all the workflows in process state itself

So when there is an exception then it will go to end state

Hope this will help you


in this case Process trasaction state will be having try catch.
But process.xaml wont have try catch in any of the workflows that are present in that case how can i throw an exception?


If you check here already the process is in the try catch only, so don’t need a special throw activity for system exception, but if you need to make a business exception, then you have to make a custom exception then use Throw activity


Hope this will help you


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