Handle System exceptions

How to handle exceptions in case application is not going back to initial window just after initialization or kill session.

Do you automate multiple if else conditions to check window status and perform steps accordingly.

Hi @Sonalk

Can you give some specifics about your problem?
As part of exception handling workflow, if you’re not killing the application, you may try going back to “Home” or some similar page/view to reset the application and the robot can start over.

Alternatively, you could use Check App State/Element Exists activity (inside Parallel activity) to examine which selector matches and act accordingly.

I hope this helps as general advice.
If you can share some details and screenshots, the community can help you better.

Happy automation!

Hi @Sonalk,

Can you share details about the problem?

If you are in a loop, remove the launch steps from the loop. At the beginning of the loop, go to the navigate area from the homepage and at the end of the loop try to return to the homepage instead of exiting.

When launching an application ;

  1. First kill the browser you are using.
  2. Launch the app and make sure it’s launched.(element exist)
  3. When the application is launched, if there are login steps, check whether there is a login or not. (element exists)
  4. If login, continue on your way. If not, proceed to the login steps.
  5. Once logged in, check if it is logged in again.
  6. Connect these steps to the retry mechanism in a component.
  7. In this way, you will have a healthy launch login steps.